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Call Center Services

Customer support services

Customer support is one of the main outsourcing service of our company and effective communication is key to our business module. Every agent of our call center outsourcing is trained, certified, motivated and dedicated. They completely understand our advance technology and great support work to make your communication with us as easy, timely and professional as possible. We managed your call with precision and we are available 24/7. We provide system updates and upgrades, a knowledge base information and training, with limited hold time, a real agent answered the call and the agent who spoke with helpful, knowledgeable, professional, etc.

Sales Lead Generation

Lead generation is a very important marketing process that helps in creating interest among the targeted audience about a product or service offered by your business to generate potential and qualified leads. In lead generation, our outsourcing service earning client's and businesses take a great value (deal) of effort and expense when customers are looking for quick services, or need help with a complex query in no time. It is also a very important part of the business to qualified leads. We use effective telemarketing for lead generation as it is the perfect tool to properly qualify your prospects or a cold lead so your highly skilled & highly paid salespeople or salesmen are not wasting their time on qualifying the leads. Our highly expert lead generation team will first try to know the business objectives& goals of your company. It enhances sales growth and also increases customer satisfaction. Our call center teams follow the soft lead generation process.

Inbound call services

UB Incorporation is designed as the inbound call center service that can provide customers with a collection of different services and their options. We provide 24/7 inbound services, as well as call center outsourcing services. We are a pioneer in offering world-class inbound call center services to encourage better communication with every end-users. We answer your queries all the year-round, seasonally or on a particular project basis. Our outsourcing company provides a customized program of services for customers that are as diverse and unique as our vast client base. We offer a wide range of inbound services with clear, easy and answering services, and our call center agents are available 24/7 in a week to help customers for better & quality services.

Outbound call services

UB Incorporation offers a wide range of outbound call center services to customers and businesses. This can be a good way to identify if our clients are fully satisfied with the services they’ve received from your end, and we can also help to increase their level of satisfaction with the help of their feedback. Our efficient and qualified agents can also call your customers back at a scheduled time after making an appointment, follow up on a previous discussion or make sure they don’t need further help with the same issue. Our call center outsourcing service provides outbound lead generation services. This enables us to attract and enroll only the passionate team of telemarketing professionals. Our telemarketers, our people are what sets UB Incorporation apart from other outbound telemarketing companies available on today's date.

Answering Service

Every inbound call represents a potential revenue opportunity for all businesses. By using our answering services, we will assist your prospects and customers as a natural extension of your business. With our knowledgeable and polite representatives, professional, on-site training staff, continuous quality assurance measures, around-the-clock staffing, 24×7, after-hours, overflow, or as-needed call coverage, fewer missed calls. Today's advanced technology allows you a variety of choices including dispatch and script options, call prioritization, and many more. All functions can be fully customized to fit your business requirements by our outsourcing company.

Back Office Processing

BOP is one of the major services provided by UB Incorporation. It is a very efficient and effective way to address your business process outsourcing needs. Our call center teams are experts at delivering all the necessary back-office processing which results from day in and day out. Our back-office process associates operations serve a wide range of roles in an organization such as CRM, bookkeeping, Information Technology, accounting, Human Resource/Recruiting, Inventory, Finance and Accounting, Payroll and Logistics, billing, content moderation and many other.

Data Processing

Data processing is a process that should have in an organization of any size, whether you handle large volumes of data or you need small volumes of data to filter and process. It includes the method of electronic data processing, capturing raw data, conversion & analysis and many more. BPO at UB Incorporation offers reliable, affordable and accurate data entry services. We have well trained and motivated experts who are best in technology to guarantee over 99% accuracy in data entry services. Businesses that outsource data processing with UB Incorporation experience improved quality, performance and speedy turnaround times.