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Why UB?


UB Incorporation is the only company in Nepal that provides quality call center services, provide BPO Services, Fully customized Web Designing & Developing, 98.25% Up-time Cloud-based Hosting, All IT service for National, International, small to medium-sized and corporation companies. We not also help business houses but also focused to continuously help and support Start-up, Freelancers, Contractors and many more. We have helped a lot of clients national and international clients to increase productivity and decrease the cost. UB not only offers BPO & WEB services but also provides Individuals and Business Training. We provide training to your employees to increase productivity along with excellent customer care and support.

Our Vision

To change the mindset of those who think Nepal is just a small and travel destination. We have promised our souls to create a culture where Nepal wakeup as a land of IT. We are in a mission to constantly provide the best and cost-effective services which will help our clients & customers to increase their productivity, excellence, and profitability. We are going hand in hand with our employees to ensure their bright future, security, motivation with us. We are also responsible for our community where we live and be a good citizen and also encourage others to be one. In the end, we are committed to our stakeholders to never let them down so they can truly believe and support us.

UB Incorporation offers 24 hrs call center,365 days a year

Why UB?

UB Incorporation not only employs highly skilled and motivated agents, who would strive to achieve quality and productivity goals but also train those fresh candidates to work towards perfection. Our motivated and excellent team will be at the customer’s service & support 24/7 and 365 days a year. Besides this, our clients can be more benefits from :

• Instant capacity and scalability

• The flexibility of Services and Employees

• Guarantee return on investment

• Managing Account and consultation

• Rapid access & growth to new and existing markets/areas/field

• Disaster recovery contingencies

• Partnering with qualified specialists in both inbound & outbound call centers

• Effective Cost control

• Professional Multilingual capabilities for your support

• Experience and Sustainable Business Consulting

• Revitalizing Technology.

Also, some major advantages of choosing UB Incorporation are,

• Eliminate costs of management, recruitment, HR issues, holidays, sickness and additional office space

• 24-hour cover

• Instant and cost-effective access to the latest technologies for call handling, recording, and management information

• Specially allotted personal and office space for the client.

Apart from these, we also offer a variety of other services depending on the client’s needs and requirements.

Our Performance

At UB Incorporation, Quality is our only priority. We have been able to maintain exceptional Industry standards and we will maintain the same in the future. Though we are still working on improving our performance to higher levels, however, for now, our current performance standards are stated below and these numbers can be changed and increased as per the client's needs and requirements.

• Average waiting time: 6 seconds

• % of calls answered with the average call waiting time: 98%

• Call Drop rate: Less than 3%

• Agent Availabipty: 99% (on the Office Hours)

• First Call Resolution: 95%

• % of time spent on calls: 88%

• Average call duration: 495 Seconds

• Average training time: 2 Weeks (Depending upon the nature of service)

• Apart from these we regularly encourage train, motivate our teams by creating their performance charts and providing both positive and critical feedback.